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SPEAR Voice Solutions

SPEAR Voice Solutions

Because your voice matters

SPEAR is TAM’s flagship Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system that provides unparalleled performance and accuracy in high noise, utilizing deep neural networks, natural language processing, and customized acoustic & language. SPEAR solves unique noise challenges in commercial and military applications where off-the-shelf products fall short.

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TAM’s SPEAR Software Development Kit

SPEAR-SDK allows you to test drive the SPEAR-ASR and SPEAR-WakeUp to voice-enable your Android, Windows, and Linux applications using Java or Python programming languages.

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Superior recognition in a variety of high noise environments, customizable to specific challenges

Word Accuracy Graph

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Supports both command recognition and free-form transcription in challenging environments

Custom Acoustic Models

Unique sound environments in the field can lower the accuracy of standard speech recognition systems. With SPEAR, TAM optimizes the speech recognition by collecting environment specific audio samples to fine tune its ASR to enhanced accuracy.

Domain Specific Language Models

Many applications are used in environments that require specific words, phrases, and sentences which are often not recognized by off-the-shelf ASRs. SPEAR can be augmented with a customized language model that supports comprehensive vocabulary requirements of highly specialized domains.

Flexible ASR Capabilities

Extend functionality of the SPEAR ASR to address application specific data requirements.

TAM’s Automated Speech Recognition system is changing the way voice performs in high noise first responder environments!

As part of its mission to support the identification and integration of existing and emerging technologies, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) partnered with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) and their sub-contractor Think-A-Move to develop Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology. The resulting innovation is known as the Direct Artificial Intelligence System Interface, or DAISI, which enables voice-activated capabilities in noisy operational environments. DAISI was selected out of multiple prototypes developed in response to an April 2018 request for proposals.

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Hands-Free Comms Break Through the Noise

Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate partnered with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and Think-A-Move to develop Automated Speech Recognition tech.

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TAM & Sensaphonics launch ASI Audio 3DM

Hear Incredible! Dr. Michael Santucci and his team at Sensaphonics collaborated with the Think-A-Move, LTD. group to create 3DME BTG 2, the definitive all-in-one personal audio monitoring system.

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TAM SPEAR Speech SDK launched on Github

TAM is excited to announce that its robust SPEAR ASR is now available for developers to test drive. SPEAR delivers superior results and accuracy in challenging high noise environments.


We’re here to help. Contact us and we’ll find the right solution for you, and learn how SPEAR can improve your communications.