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 Think-A-Move, Ltd. (TAM) is a leading developer of innovative Automated Speech Recognition solutions  for enterprise, commercial, and military applications.  SPEAR, its ASR, provides unparalleled performance and accuracy in high noise – utilizing deep neural networks, natural language processing, customized acoustic & language models, and conversational AI.  SPEAR capabilities include command and control, speech-to-text, knowledge based lookup, form filling, and multiple language support. 

TAM is also home to Milicom Headsets, a suite of mobile device and radio headsets  featuring patented In-Ear Voice Capture technology that provides clear audio and up to 33dB of passive noise reduction in challenging high noise environments. Milicom Headsets solutions are currently deployed in a variety of mission critical segments (public safety, first responders, state, & federal agencies, military & tactical) and industrial applications. In addition to off-the-shelf solutions, TAM offers custom engineered headset design & manufacturing services for special projects.    



 Our Solutions:


SPEAR Speech Recognition Technology Milicom Headsets for Radios & Mobile PTT Devices