Think-A-Move’s speech control technology features a wide range of applications.  Please browse the following videos to see some of these applications at work:

SPEAR demonstrations:

SCIMMITAR – Tactical Combat Casualty Care Card completion using speech

Speech control of an unmanned ground vehicle, or ground robot

This video shows a prototype hands-free and heads-up system for controlling unmanned ground vehicles, or ground robots, using speech commands that was developed by Think-A-Move:

Proof-of- Concept Speech Control of US Marine Corps’ Networking on the Move

Completing CENTCOM’s Patient Casualty Report Using Speech

Demonstration of Interactive Voice Response System used to complete Patient Casualty Report

An example of how the SPEAR system can be used to create interactive voice prompting applications:

Flexible Grammar Demonstration

Using SPEAR, a developer can easily create complex speech commands with just a couple of lines of text; using regular expressions, extensive grammars can be made quickly.

SPEAR controlling Prioria Maveric UAS

Tactical Casualty Care Card Completion Using SPEAR

Lockheed Martin's Squad Mission Support System

Soldier Controlling PackBot 510 with SPEAR

(Recorded at the 2010 Robotics Rodeo)

Speech control of a Command Operations Center

SPEAR PackBot Demo

(Recorded in October 2008) In this video, SPEAR (Speech Processing System) is being used to control an iRobot PackBot 510 with EOD Kit:

SPEAR PackBot Demo in Noise

Think-A-Move’s SPEAR Demonstration in 85-90dBA Noise:

Speech Control of QinetiQ North America's MAARS Platform