Mobile Device Headsets

Milicom Commercial-Grade, Surveillance Kit Headsets for tactical and commercial customer segments are available in a variety of configurations – supporting multiple use cases and user needs (see product sheets for more details). All configurations use TAM’s patented in-ear microphone technology: supporting clear communications in high noise or windy conditions or for covert use since the appearance is similar to an aftermarket mobile phone headset.

The headsets integrate with either patrol style radios or smart phones & tablets – including Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry devices. They also support multiple PTT network services, applications and solutions.

They are being used in virtually all user communities including: Military/Public Safety, Enterprise/Commercial/ Industrial, Security/Agency, among others.

Dual Ear or Single Ear Headset Surveillance Kit for Smart Phones or Radios

The Milicom kits consist of either a single or dual earpiece solution. The Headset Kit includes Milicom foam ear tips in 3 sizes (S, M, L), a cable connecting the Headset to a Housing Module for the PTT functions (various PTT configurations described below), and cable terminating into the mobile phone (or optional radio) connector.

Push-To-Talk (PTT) Control Button Options

Multiple Push-To-Talk options support a variety of use case scenarios:

  • Exclusive smartphone-like inline PTT button
  • PTT button housing for use on hip or in pocket
  • Remote finger PTT button for stealth use in hand, attached to duty gear, steering wheel
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