Radio Headsets

Milicom Headsets are designed to withstand demanding Mil Spec and Industrial standards. They are modular, supporting both Single-Ear patrol or Dual-Ear covert/hearing protection solutions.

Whether for military use in warzones under battlefield conditions, operations in aircraft or vehicles, in discreet tactical missions, or surveillance activities, the Milicom Headset solution facilitates clear communications and superior hearing protection in these demanding environments.

TAM produces two lines of Milicom in-ear Headsets for Tactical and Commercial customer segments in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of the user/operator.


For Tactical or Mil-Spec applications, Think-A-Move has developed the Milicom Push-To-Talk, Dual Ear Headset System with Ambient Microphones to support an operator requiring the highest level capability in the most demanding situations.

Enterprise/Commercial & Security/Agency

Leveraging the Milicom military grade headsets, TAM also designed the Milicom Commercial PTT Headset Surveillance Kits supporting communications for radios and other mobile devices. The Surveillance Kit Headset integrates PTT buttons for flexibility in tailoring a solution for a user in a factory, at a hotel resort, or doing undercover work. The Milicom PTT Headset delivers benefits beyond the traditional surveillance kit that make this product a must-have for any demanding user or agency operator.

Comply Foam Tips

Milicom has designed its own exclusive Comply™ FoamTips to deliver the best military-grade performance for the most demanding situations.

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