SNC Transport Telemedicine Capabilities

In support of Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Transport Telemedicine (T2) capability, Think-A-Move, Ltd. provided a novel voice data entry system (VDES). As noted in SNC’s press release, the VDES enables “flight medics to use speech for entering pertinent patient information in the high noise environment of a helicopter.” As SNC’s press release further describes, this capability was recently demonstrated on an Army UH-60L helicopter. The photograph below shows a soldier wearing the headset used in this project that was developed by Think-A-Move, and that utilized in-ear microphones to capture the soldier’s speech.

Think-A-Move built upon its experience in developing the SPEAR™ Speech Recognition System, which is designed for high noise environments, and projects using speech control that it has worked on with customers including Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, the U.S. Army’s Telemedicine and Advanced Technical Research Center (TATRC) and the Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Command (TARDEC), Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Controls, and QinetiQ North America.

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